I like Japan… Honestly

So far, I am happy with how this blog is going. I am still very ignorant about a lot of things about blogging, but the layout looks very nice. There are a couple things I have issues with, and that is about my presentation:

1) I said in the most matter of fact way that I don’t like Manga/ Anime, and my posts mostly feature an anime of some sort. A touch hypocritical aren’t I? I found that funny myself.

2) My blog so far is pretty negative. I don’t want the whole theme of the blog to be negative, and I think that is just my tendency to be somewhat of an ‘anti-blog’ about Japan. I am not going to go into politics and I am not going to declare myself an expert about Japan. The whole truth is I like Japan, and I fit in really well here. The fact that I don’t spend a great deal of time on that is that it is so cliché and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other blogs out there that will portray it far better than I can.

So let me say something about me, so people can get a little understanding of why I post the way I do:
I first moved to Japan in 2001 in my mid-twenties. During that time I went through all that doey-eyed ‘Disney Land’ phase. I partied a lot and explored the area I lived taking tons of pictures… That got old after 3 years. I got married and my wife and I moved back to the US in 2006. When the economy crashed in 2008, like most people, we got screwed. The Japan option was a way out, with a guarantee of easy employment for me, and employment for my wife. Yeah it’s crazy expensive here, but at least we have a double income. So I have been in Japan since 2011… Round 2 and final round… At least as far as I can forsee.


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