Things that make you go hmmmm….

For Maximum effect, have video at the top of your screen and Gif at the bottom.  It sums up my reaction fairly well.

What my synapses tell my brain during all of this

What my synapses tell my brain during all of this

I said before that this isn’t going to be a blog about Japan, but more of a blog of my life in Japan. I suppose it is inevitable that I would post some stuff about it here, so let’s just call this getting it out of my system. This kind of ties into a previous blog about likes and dislikes, but it is on stuff that just makes my brain malfunction.  So here we go:

1) Baby metal. Awesome metal, with prepubescent girls. It’s my image of nuclear apocalypse with bright yellow Pikachu painted missles. My brain immediately blue screens.


Awesome metal! Who are those girls? Is this like Gwar? Will there be some kind of Aztec sacrifice? What.. what?

2) Kyari Pamyu Pamyu. A fashion model with ghost writers. No real talent here. Just a bunch of random shit that sends my brain into existential crisis.


Oh… its a haunted house… She’s cute..What’s with the poodle hair? Oh.. It’s like a Japanese monster mash… what was that?

3) AKB48… let me see… They aren’t very good singers… They can’t dance particularly well… But, they look really cute. There are 48 of them (hence the name) and they have to be single so they can be fantasized about. Before you feel sorry for them, remember… They chose this. Still… WTF… Creepy.


Wait… you are all one band? No one plays an instrument? You can’t sing or dance? Well.. You’re hotties I suppose… Umm girl power!

4) Yuki. Ok, Yuki is old school. She is equivalent to the Japanese Bjork and is the Godmother of the ‘WTF is this’ in Japan. Still… should I be offended?

Is that black face... Or Mexican wrestlers? Well.. they dance well

Is that black face… Or Mexican wrestlers? Well.. they dance well.

5) Yuki again… watch 1 minute in… did I see that right?

At around the 1 minute mark

At around the 1 minute mark

6) The vocaloids. It’s pretty much auto tune without the people…


play the video and scroll so you can see both Bill Cosby and the playing video. It meshes my reaction to it all.

7) Shinjuku’s robot restaurant. Brain out of RAM…



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