I have a definitively different view on what the Primarchs of the 40k universe look like.  So I will briefly talk about that.  Starting with Horus Lupercal. 


This is probably the best view of Horus’ face out there before he was warp possessed

But when I think of Horus’ face… I think of Telly Savalas

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Next up is Konrad Curze.  I couldn’t disagree more with the portrayal of someone who is more like Corax.

The popular portrayal of Curze

The popular portrayal of Curze

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I can imagine this being picked up by the Imperium… Randomly.

Next up is Sanguinius…. I hate how he is portrayed like Fabio or just another version of Fulgrim

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How I view Sanguinius


How I have always seen Sanguinius.

Roboute Guillian

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And finally… Fulgrim


What I think Fulgrim would look like, especially right after he turned to Horus

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