Post on the go

From here on out, my posts are probably going to be of this nature. Short and sweet. This is usual how I spend my early evenings when I am working… Just killing time at a cafe, in this case Starbucks, while I wait for my private students. I am not a huge Starbucks fan, but it has two things I really like: Cute girls and no smoking. No smoking is a luxury in Japan, whose idea of smoking sections are either menthol or unfiltered. Tokyo is especially bad, but Kanagawa does try a bit harder though. Starbucks is universally no smoking though, so score one for the evil empire of tea lattes.

Work is about to really ramp up come next week. Usually after a break the schools ease me into work, but this time they have me hitting the ground running and coming out swinging. On top of that I am giving a presentation for the monthly meeting of AETs. It’s all me this time and they have given me a lot of leeway to design it. I usually steer away from the usual malaise if introducing new games to instead focus on educational psychology and how to be generally aware of what is going on around you. Last time the other AETs rather liked my presentation of multiple intelligences, so I will hope that wasn’t just a fluke,


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