Back on the chain gang

So work has finally started after that overly long summer break. Overly long because I had too much time on my hands and very little cash flow. Today I am at one of my medium size junior high schools ( I rotate schools weekly to cover all junior high schools in the city, with a smattering of Elementary schools thrown in when my other schools don’t have regular classes). This particular school I will call Shomaru chu. I described the schools at length in my dead blog post. Usually schools are a little gentle when coming off of a long break, but not this time. I’m hitting the ground running and swinging at 6 classes a day. The kids brains aren’t all there, and I have yet to teach the out of control 2nd year classes. The schools in this city don’t have AC so it is very lucky that the temperature is less than it’s usual 100F and instead in the low 80s. Still…


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