Killing time

So I am just sitting here in Mister Donuts (I hate this retard spelling of the word doughnut by the way). I am supposed to meet one of my private students this morning (a second job of mine) but it looks like he is a no show today. So I am killing time I always get nostalgic here though since it was a 70s US company sold off to Japan, but the logo, design and colors are firmly 70s chic. Even the shitty sound system and music selection sounds like AM radio of the time. There used to be a Mr. Donuts near my grandmothers house and we used to go when I was very young.

My first ever game of Xwing.

My first ever game of Xwing.

Anyhow, yesterday was another game day at the US naval airbase. I am so glad I met these guys recently. Hanging out with a bunch of people that are as excited as you to meet new gamers and have more people in their hobby is always an amazing experience. Gamers (not video gamers) are such an accepting lot and so willing to bend over backwards to help you in just about anything, even non hobby related things, that it’s very humbling. Since it’s on base, they are totally cool with accompanying me to use the Px/ commissary. This allows me to buy all those comfort foods that I can’t get in Japan and not have to pay an extortionist fee. Example… 1 can of soda is 100 yen in Japan, or 1 USD. A 12 pack on base is 2.50 USD, or 250 yen. Anyhow, the group is mostly a games workshop group, but not exclusive. Malifaux, Xwing, and some kick starter game called relic knights are also played there. It’s wide open to any game, but that is what I have seen so far.  For those of you who really have no idea what I am talking about, reference the following video.  A really enthusiastic hobbyist going into why she loves the hobby, and while it may be too sugary for me, its spot on!



Well, the first student is definitely a no show, so it’s time for me to bounce to the next location for the other student. A much nicer place than Mr. Donuts that gives you toast, an egg and a flowerpot full of coffee.


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