Back to paint

So I am beginning to paint again. It’s no small feat starting from scratch. I bought some of my preferred paints already, and that has set me back around 400USD. I bought a complete set of Vallejo game colors. I was really impressed with the small set I had when I was previously painting. I also bought some of what used to be the Citadel foundation paints and their washes. At this moment a table is on its way and soon I can resume my old habits. I won’t lie though, I am a bit nervous. There are a lot of expectations about my ability. When I first stopped and restarted, no one but a few really knew what my former abilities were, but the last go, I had a lot of commissions. It was 4 years ago that I stopped and in the time after I have not even looked at a paintbrush. So I kind of feel the pressure that I should be capable of doing some things that are well beyond my ability. I am excited just as much however and really look forward to getting started again, so this time around… I will blog my restart. Hopefully I haven’t lost too much ability.



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