Blood for the blood God!

My new fancy painting table finally arrived. It really clutters the tiny space I have, but I definitely have a command center in which to paint things up. The

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next step was to buy tools. I live fairly nearby a model/anime superstore called TamTam… Near but far in the Japanese lifestyle. Near because of actual physical distance but far because I can’t reach it via mass transportation, and it’s out of the way of my normal direction of travel. There is another new store right next to the train station I use almost every day, so I went to buy my tools from there. I was expecting only a few things from there, but sweet jeebus, they had everything! It was a modelling Valhalla!
Let’s roll back the hands of time before coming to Japan. I was a big 40k fan but I figured I would never play again after moving, and since this was a lifetime thing… I had better sell them. And so went all my Tyranid horde. Before I left, I checked all the websites and boards I knew of and could only find one group in Nagoya that runs a tourney. After considering transportation, hotel fee, and convention fees, I figured its cost outstripped my income so my decision was made to drop the hobby. Fast forward a few months ago, and by chance a post from Bell of Lost Souls appears on my facebook about gaming clubs overseas. I am then informed that not only is there a wargame club, it is very nearby. The facebook site was Wargamers in Japan, which is actually a conglomerate of many smaller gaming clubs. The club near me was called A to Z gaming group… which stands for the local US army bases the games are played out of. The Naval airbase at Atsugi, and the Army base at Zama.

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So my first day there, I am picked up at the station and signed into the base. It just so happens to be an apocalypse event with other game groups present as well. The first thing that struck me was the terrain they fielded. I mean realm of battle, forgeworld pieces. Who on Earth would pay for such a thing? Well, I soon discovered that this was a proper club run in a very organized and legal way, not just a bunch of people hanging out. And there were dues (which do things like pay for terrain for collective use). I was told that for my first time it was free, but after that I could pay a daily or monthly fee that would make me a full member. I was immediately hooked and paid up. When I got home that night, I immediately made some internet paint purchases and what not
I went again the following Saturday to a much more subdued event, but I learned how to play Xwing, which was cool. There were also blocks of insulation just waiting to be cut and made into terrain. Before that typical wargamer reaction came my Japanese life reaction of “Where the hell did they find proper insulation in a country that doesn’t insulate their homes?” During that time, I was deciding on a new army to play and I narrowed it down to either Daemons or Eldar. Before making any choice though, I always need to let it stew. At the time I was leaning toward Eldar and I was pretty close to making my first purchase. Suddenly, while watching a game of Xwing, the person making terrain and cutting the foam leaps up grasping his arm shouting explicative after explicative. I thought he was goofing around until I saw the blood spatter all over the mirror. He ran by me spilling blood all the way. After he went to the emergency room, we cleaned up the blood and threw away his blood soaked project. So from that… the decision was made… Daemons it is.


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