That shit day.

I was going to write a good guy Japan post yesterday, but fate being the fly on the wall, decided otherwise. I have made a full circuit of the junior high schools in the city, and I am back at Shomaru Chu, with the Sweat Hogs. Schedule-wise, it was a simple day. Only two, 50 minute classes. They were however with the two worst classes classes in the city. Up first was a second year class with Ms. Rivers. Out of 40 students, 8 were being actively disruptive (Jiro wasn’t one of them. He was asleep). When you have that amount of students out of control, whatever you are teaching is a lost cause. What was really surprising were there were a few boys who were actively trying to learn, and actually shouting questions over the quaking of the disruptive students. It was the cool kids to the rescue there. They were my metal heads that I had completely forgotten about. After class we usually quiz each other on metal bands, and I must say, they have good taste. Who would’ve thought that the metal heads would become the saving grace of a class.

The next class took the cake and did a warm apple pie to A la American pie. It was with Kaz, who was in full jack ass mode. He thought it would be funny to hurl every kind of insult he could think of at me in Japanese. He knows I speak some Japanese and was just pressing my buttons. This day he succeeded. If I had never worked as an officer at the Department of Juvenile Justice, I probably would have choked the shit out of him. The whole time Ms. Rivers vacantly stared at the opposite, back of the wall through the corner of her eye. I thought she was going to do something, but her hands are really tied. If she tries to do anything worthwhile, the PTA will be up her ass. She is either unwilling or unable to discipline Kaz, so I am not angry that she didn’t do anything. Hell, she has to deal with him everyday, so I would’ve been fine if she stepped out for a coffee… Beer… Shot of whiskey. Instead of blowing up at the kid I swallowed it. But I let him get under my skin, and I was pretty much pissed off for the rest of the day. To further piss me off, I got an email from the company I am doing some part time work with and was told my pay would be subject to a 20% additional tax for being a foreign instructor. That is pure bullshit, and I have never heard of such a thing. It was a soured, rotten cherry on top of a completely shit day. So my plan for the original post was put on hold.

The following day I had the opposite situation. The schedule was crazy full. Six, 50 minute classes, back to back, but it was with the first year kids, who are fun and engaged with the lesson. It was tiring and I was exhausted at the end of the day. After school I also had a private business lesson, after which I returned home and planned for the next days special education course. The special ed kids at Shomaru chu are a moody bunch. Sometimes they are with you, sometimes nothing you can do will focus them on anything but the clouds outside. All in all though, the latter day is far preferable.



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