post necromancy

Many times I write during dead periods at school. Sometimes though, something happens and I can’t finish it as intended. So the following is a minor bit of unfinished post necromancy:

What a complete turnaround for Shomaru-chu. The week started off so freaking bad, but turned around completely by day 2. The kids have just been awesome at all levels. It’s almost as if those two classes just absorbed the douchebaggery of the rest of the school. So three cheers for Shomaru chu. I’m writing this at my desk with only 2 more classes to go, so I’m hoping I don’t jinx myself.

This morning, when I arrived at school, the first thing I do is check my desk for trash. The other teachers at all the schools like to use my desk as a dumping/ overflow zone. Shomaru chu is the worst though. Oddly enough though, when I arrived, there was a note diagraming photosynthesis. Wtf is that about. I certainly didn’t write it. It’s not a message for me. So why even write it in English and why put it on my desk. Weird.


Whats going on here…

The weather has warmed up again. Just enough to be nice outside but sweltering in class. It’s a good thing I can wear outdoor golf shirts… The kind with that weird fabric that breathes. If it was a regular cotton shirt, I would’ve sweat through it by now. Anyhow, I made a card game for this weeks relative clause lesson for 3rd year students using card sleeves with a monster (Halloween lessons are in full effect now) and something peculiar to that specific monster. The card sleeves are a much better option than laminating, as it takes a long time to cut and laminate and about half the time for the kids to destroy them. I thought it was a pretty weak idea initially, but the kids are really into it. Especially since I draw each monster on the board first and have the kids guess what it is. It’s really making things easy, and a great close to the week.


Monster mash game…

My final class at Shomaru chu wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. This particular class was the zombie class. They weren’t bad kids and they were attentive. They just seemed to be allergic to fun.


Trying to play a game in that one class…

As I was about to leave for the day, Shomaru chu did something they are quite well known for; They procrastinated until the last second in asking me to do a recording for their upcoming midterm tests. The teachers know I am cool with helping them out a little more than what I am expected to do, so they’d wait until the last possible second to write their listening tests and then blitz me. Many times they will call me at a different school and ask if I can come by at the end of the day. Usually it’s an unofficial visit so they don’t have to call the dispatch company. I don’t mind doing it because it gives me currency at the schools to fuck off early. Technically I am always supposed to be available until 4. The teachers are comfortable in the knowledge that in emergencies, I will stay until whenever to get the job done. Anyways, like I said, Shomaru chu ambushed me. Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

On a separate note, I just leaned a typhoon is barreling this way, just in time for school on Monday. It’s equivalent to a Carolina snow day, except there is a legitimate reason for classes to get cancelled as the wind might blow the tiny cars over.


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