FRAG- O!!!

FRAG-O! If this means nothing to you, don’t worry. It’s just one of the Byzantine myriad of army acronyms. It is short for fragmentary order, or putting it simply, a sharp left turn in your mission plan. When I was training as an infantry squad leader, I had a sergeant FRAG-O me at least 10 times to just screw with me so my image of it now is not of a change of plans, but of a rapid succession of changed plans. This brings me to my point:

This week has been a FRAG-O kind of week. It’s an irregular week anyhow, with midterms being on Thursday and Friday. For me, midterms mean that I am pimped off to Elementary schools on those days. Unfortunately, I am at Nakamaru chu. Unfortunate because my favorite school is drastically cut. Monday was a Typhoon so school was cancelled. Some of those classes were merged to Tuesday and Wednesday while the others were flat out cancelled. A big issue is for the teachers here is to make a recording with me for the midterms. Shomaru chu is up to their procrastinating shinanigans lately too, so I need to go to that school at the end of the day to do recordings after today’s class.

For my Elementary school Thursday and Friday, I received a lesson plan to teach 2nd graders only in the morning, and that’s it. Really odd move for Elementary schools because they usually work me as hard as they are able, which means 6 full periods and a lunch with the kids. What’s not odd is was the tardiness of the other school’s schedule of Friday and Tuesday (Monday is a holiday). No big deal though, it happens so routinely when I go to Elementary schools that I just called the head office and let them do the legwork. Later that afternoon I got a call from the office telling me that the school cancelled those lessons, so I have 2 work days. That means I am technically on call. I have never been called however, and just means I have a really long weekend which fades into a planned holiday I have scheduled for next week. That never happens. I had to ask the office to repeat it, after which I repeated it and had them confirm it. This is the equivalent to seeing Bigfoot humping a unicorn while playfully splashing around in the fountain of youth I had accidentally discovered behind the bushes on my way to 7/11. The end result of all these FRAG-Os have been so overwhelmingly in my favor, I’m beginning to worry about a karmic snap back… But for now…. Yay!


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