Back to the funhouse

The weather is becoming chilly and today is the first day I deemed it necessary to don a coat, which is a relief because it signifies a close to the sticky, sweaty glaze of summer. It’s a weird time for classroom comfort. It’s chilly outside, so the classes keep their windows closed, which makes it hot and steamy in the class. Autumn in the classroom is like that, but it’s still so much better than a summer class.

I have had a few empty classes so I have been re-reading some of my posts and I must say I am embarrassed about some of the grammar mistakes and incomplete thoughts. I will probably jump on those sometime tonight, but it really goes to show how bad a writer I am. When writing I have always favored the KISS method of writing (keep it simple, shithead) and I usually view people who get too flowery with their language the same way I viewed Pee Wee Herman masturbating in the theater.
A certain amount of wanking seems to be what makes a good author so I guess it’s an issue for me.

This is my first week back from my holiday in Kyoto (it’s a mega-post in the making) and I am back at Oomaru-chu. It’s the week before their big chorus festival so classes in the afternoon are cancelled and actual learning classes are only 40 minutes so it’s a very gentle way to ease back into work. I had one class with the first year students and the rest of the week with third year students. There was a sub covering for me the first two days, and one of the particular students was pretty pissed that I wasn’t there. That one girl is pretty loud, funny and outgoing. Much more fun than the shy quiet type, not that that is a bad thing. She always wants to chat when we are in the hallway, mostly in Japanese though, which I am not supposed to do.

I am teaching the phrase “Shall I-” for the third year kids, but I am putting a large focus on the rhythm if the language, snapping my finger to the beat of English’s natural flow. The snapping gets their attention since it seems that most of the kids can’t do it. It’s a gimmick to get them focused, but hey,,, it works.

Mr. Blossoms is sick this week, but is still here. At least his body is here anyhow. I asked another teacher if he is ok, and they always tell me that he has mental problems. I keep thinking that maybe what they want to say is that he is over stressed, but they insist on calling him mentally deficient. It makes me a little uncomfortable when they do that.

Overall it is a pretty easy week, but my weekend is shot. This Sunday I go back to teaching at the Juku on Sunday after a long time off so I have to design new lessons for that. I was supposed to have 2 other private students that day as well, but one of them cancelled leaving me with an early morning class and a late afternoon class. I have always hated that particular combo. To prepare for that, I will have to cancel my Saturday game club day, which kinda sucks to be honest. Oh well, money is money.


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