The thriller

Autumn is my favorite season in Japan. The weather starts cooling off, the leaves change, and just the smell that’s in the air (burning foliage I imagine). It can be an odd time for school temperatures though. Outside the weather is pleasant, but inside it’s muggy, sticky and after P.E. Class, just plain funky. Because of the cooler temperatures, the teachers turn off the classroom fans which are the only cooling source for the class. They will probably wait until late January to get out the kerosene heaters… Which are even more horrible because you eventually have to open all the windows, letting out all the heat, to avoid being poisoned.

Anyways, for those that have read this blog, I am sure you have figured out what is going on with the pictures for each entry, but I just feel the need to explain anyways. Very rarely is there a connection to the picture and what the actual blog is about. It is usually referencing a goofy analogy I made. For example the blog post titled Seven has a painting by Heironymous Bosch depicting the seven deadly sins while the article itself is about what I called the sins of miniature painting. Another blog entry has the image of the Yeti from monsters inc. That one is referencing a joke I made in that article. The blogs about Kyoto and the wedding are directly related, but there is always a method to my madness.

As for what is going on recently, I am at Shomaru-chu this week. Being the week of Halloween, it means I can be pretty slack and do Halloween stuff with the third year students. I was originally intending to use only one of my activities for 10 minutes, but when I gave the teacher the option of activities, he wanted to use them all. So half of those classes will be devoted to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Tim Burton’s a nightmare before Christmas. The rest of this week is all second year students, or as I like to call the, the Sweathogs. The good news and bad news with that is that it’s all speaking test, which means it’s one on one with every student for 2 minutes, alone. So really the worst I get is a student that just stares at me and says “わか〜ない” (I don’t know) in the whiniest voice possible. The bad news is, I am asking the same questions hundreds of times… It is soooooo boring. Monday starts out pretty easy though. I have loads of time to prepare and…ahem… Blog. I only have 2 classes, one for 4th period, a break for lunch, and one for fifth. Tonight I have a little planning to do for a special education class, and of course I will Halloween theme it, but after that… Nada. Maybe I can restart painting after my short absence after my restart.

In other news, I was recently confronted with another of life’s sharp left turns. A definitive life event that changes everything (no it’s not a baby). It is too soon to write about it but it changes my whole life plan. Life likes to do that when you make plans. I am keeping a journal of things and eventually when all is said and done I will publish it… Hell… It may actually contain good advice, but I guesstimate I won’t post again about this for another year, assuming my blog survives that long.


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