Figurative waffles

After last blog, and advice take from another, I had to ask myself. Why do I do this? Who is my audience? One thing that I had to realize was this is just something I am doing on a whim that is somewhat interesting, while the blog that I was referencing was someone’s full time job. The advice is great but the equivalent to a professional chef’s cooking advice being followed by a guy who sometimes makes toaster waffles on Saturday mornings.

The next question is, what is my niche? I guess I intended this blog to be a kind of triptych of teaching in Japan, gaming, and just living life in Japan from a perspective of someone who is not in the Disney land phase of life in Japan. For those who don’t know, there are usually 4 phases to living in Japan. They usually happen in a year, but they sometime take shorter or longer depending on the person. Phase 1 is the Disneyland phase; everything is new, interesting and pretty damn fun. Phase 2 is when you discover all those bad things about living in Japan and all the sweet turns to sour. Phase 3 is the choice, stay and adapt or leave. Finally phase 4 is acceptance where one balances the good with the bad. I am well beyond phase 4. For me Japan is just like anywhere else in the world “you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life” (anyone who grew up in the 80’s will have that song stuck in their head now).

I guess for this point on I will try to follow these lines:

1) teaching in Japan. My experience e with the kids and staff of my schools as an Assistant language teacher. I will obviously be using tons of aliases here. I suppose my readership for this are people interested in what the work environment is for an ALT.

2) gaming in Japan. This is about my love of games and the social experience that comes from it. I firmly believe that gamers (real gamers, not video gamers, although I enjoy those too) are the coolest, most accepting and helpful people on the planet. Painting miniatures is also an art form I enjoy. My readership for this are probably others interested in the hobby and possibly looking for a place to game in Japan.

3) life in Japan. This is about everyday life here for someone well past the Disneyland phase. I’ll talk about the price of housing, interesting things I don’t see anyone else talk about, short day trips I have made, and other things about my adopted home. My readership… Hmmmm… Perhaps my readership here are people who are looking to deviate from the norm of Jbloggers.

So what kind of blogs do I like? I enjoy gaming blogs, especially ones that focus on painting. I like Japan blogs from people in that Disneyland phase. They all essentially say the same thing, and everyone has somewhat the same experiences, but it’s fun to relive that wonder through eyes of people who think it’s absolutely unique. At the time it certainly seems that way. I finally enjoy finding a blog about Japan from off the beaten path. I don’t mean travel blogs. I have zero interest in those, but ones that have found a unique perspective. Blogs like Texan in Tokyo or Abandoned Kansai.

So… I will do my best to make better figurative waffles.


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