It’s Monday, or as I like to call it, big bag day. I call it that because I rotate to a different school, so I need to take all my stuff with me, including indoor shoes. This week I am at Oomaru-chu, and it’s insanely easy and as equally dull. It is all speaking tests again. 2 minutes per kid with the same battery of questions all day, all week. I don’t have to plan a thing, so when I go home, I can truly relax and not have to worry about prepping for class, but like I said…. Dull.

Oomaru-chu is the only school I feel uncomfortable at. I know it’s not a fair assessment of the school, but it’s just how I feel. It is similar to teaching a class where you know there will be a few kids that are difficult. While the rest of the class might be cool, you still dread it because of that small minority. That is what I feel with the teachers here. There are some awesome teachers here, but there are also some haters and some who are just uncomfortable with me being there. An example of the latter being a woman PE instructor that sits across from me. She is polite but nervous that I am around, she doesn’t know quite how to regard me. She has been here a year and I have been here for 3 so it’s not like I am a surprise. Honestly though, it may be equally my fault as well, as I have never reached out to her. As far as the haters go, the best example there is Ms. Eastridge.

This school is the opposite of my favorite school; Nakamaru-chu. Nakamaru-chu has completely accepted me and will invite me to drinking parties regardless of an English teacher being there or not. Oomaru chu, being the largest of the schools, tends to be a bit cliquey. I have never been invited to any sort of party here, and knowing that some staff are uncomfortable with me, I don’t think I would go. Those parties are after all for the teachers, and I am just a long term guest.

I hate that I feel this way about this school, even as I was writing this, the art teacher came up to me and had a nice conversation with me. There are several teachers here that are champions to the profession, but I over focus on the negative. It’s a bad habit.


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