The chew out

Coming in to school today at Oomaru chu, I was confronted by a scene of a student getting a good old fashioned chew out. Not abusive in any way, but just enough to know that the kid had crossed the line. The Vice Principle here, who is good with proper discipline, got in on it too. It’s something that is uncommon here. Far too common are kids being placated, and told not to do that again in a tut tut fashion. A proper chew out is an absolute necessity with pre and early teens. Kids that age naturally push boundaries. They are genetically programmed to do so. If there are no repercussions, then they push further. Soon they become misbehaved and sour and sometimes, unfortunately, irreversibly so. Adults regularly forget that brain processes at that age are radically different and needs to be treated differently. When I worked at juvenile detention some time back ago, I discovered that confronting kids, arguing and telling them they had a choice between no and hell no garnered respect, and a fondness for me. In the beginning there, I was trying to be their friend and tried to not be strict, but the end result was the opposite. I was disrespected and steamrolled. When they did do what they were supposed to, it was because I had the weight of an institution behind me. Obviously, that was a different environment than a school with kids that have real problems, but the concept is generally the same.

An example of the tut tut style discipline is at Shomaru chu with the sweat hogs. There are several kids who have become a serious problem, but when they are confronted, it’s more similar with pleading with them to stop. So the boundaries get pushed further and further. Now that school is at the point where they have to lock their desk drawers and have the copiers password protected. The teachers there are cool, but are too nice for their own good sometimes.

An ass chewing is something I am forbidden to do here, and my low level Japanese prevents me from it anyways. It is way out of my job description and would probably undermine my position here, as I possess no real authority.

I am familiar with this particular boy too. He is just the average, over excitable boy who likes to horseplay. I don’t know what happened, but it probably was rough housing that went a little too far. Lesson learned, and he now has an established boundary line. Well played Oomaru… Well played.


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