Disney Japan

As I stated in the last post, Christmas in Japan is a pretty hollow experience. The best thing to do is just roll with it… So for the last couple of years I have had a pretty unconventional Christmas… Christmas at Disney.
First off, Disney in Japan feels just like Disney in America. I somehow expected there to be some kind of unique Japanese twist to everything, but I was pretty far off the mark. It is still an idealized version of old time America, they even have an American flag flying. The main difference is that the vast majority of guests at Disneyland are adults who devolve into a form of forgotten childhood. It is also a popular date spot, and I learned that there is such thing as a Disney curse. Many couples break up after a trip to Disneyland. I heard it’s because for many young couples, it is their first time spending an extended period of time together. Standing in line for a few hours also tends to work on nerves. A game I enjoyed playing at Disneyland is looking at all the couples in the afternoon and guessing who will break up and who won’t.
Anyways, Disney in Tokyo has two parks. Disney land, and Disney Sea. So first, Disney land:
These are photos from our Christmas 2013 trip. The opening lines are pretty epic, and you once you get in, you have to sprint to your favorite attraction. For Disney land it’s space mountain. We didn’t sprint, but we made a beeline for space mountain and had to wait 30 minutes just to get a fast pass. I joked if we could get a fast pass for the fast pass. In about 1 hour, all the fast passes where gone for the day. The food at Disney land is pretty crap and prepackaged. Even if you go to the restaurants, you can’t customize at all. You want no pickles? You pick them off yourself. They do have nice sweets though. The only thing really unique about J-Disney is that they have tons of Omiyage gifts. If you do get gifts, if you wait until the late afternoon to get them, it’s an absolute mob.

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Disney Sea is the opposite of Disney land. People describe it as more adult, although Disney land is nothing but adults anyway. I think what they mean is you can buy beer there. I say it’s the opposite because the food is decent, and the rides are meh. The rides are actually very short but the lines aren’t. It’s a place that is more designed to chill out on a summer’s day. The place is really designed to cool off as there are a lot of places to escape from the sun and chill in the shade. The different areas are all themed after turn of the century (last one) American towns, and fantasy locations from Disney movies.

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