An offer I can’t refuse

Well, big news I am now officially able to make. I will be leaving Japan. Not because I have grown tired of Japan, but instead I have received a job offer I just can’t refuse. It came out of the blue and I must admit I was unprepared to be wooed into a new position. After considering it, and having a heart to heart with the wife we have determined that moving is in our best, long term interests. The short term will be financially ruinous though. I will be moving to Utah this spring. I have never been to Utah before so I don’t know the culture, the politics, or even the landscape.
So what of this blog? To be honest, I don’t know right now. For now I am going to focus on what I have to do to extract myself and getting a green card for my wife. We had a green card before, but the process has changed since then, and we had to abandon it. For now, we are focused on selling our big items, shipping some others, and throwing away what doesn’t make the cut. This past Sunday, we had the post office come to our house and we shipped 2 boxes to Utah and it was quite expensive. One box was 5.8 kilos and it cost 5,800 yen to ship and the other (books) weighed 19 kilos and cost 9,900 yen to ship… eek.  These are the slowest options too;  By boats loaded by Chimpanzees.  It will take about 2 months for the boxes to arrive… Hell… I may beat them there.


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