Pulling the plug

I just never got around to crafting a final entry. I was thinking, as I have probably mentioned before, of finishing off this blog with visa procedures, but naahhhhhh…
I’m going to finish things off with things I find are very different from Japan. Some thing I miss, and some I don’t…  
#1) eggs. Eggs in Japan are so much more flavorful. They are a rich, deeply flavorful deep yellow, almost orange color, while U.S. Eggs seem like a watered down yellow, and taste that way too. I have been experimenting with different varieties of eggs to see if there is anything similar in the States… No luck yet.
#2) tech. Everyday tech in Japan is, at the very least, a generation behind The U.S. There are theories that state that, because the country is essentially an oligarchy, they tend to have anachronistic tendencies, hence their obsession with fax machines. Anyways, coming back to the U.S. I felt that I was in a long term carbonite freeze and was just thawed out, or was like that old guy from Shawshank redemption who, after he was released from prison, couldn’t readjust to modern life. It’s not that serious, and actually it’s interesting… Too bad I got used to Japanese courtesy and now have to deal with people getting attitudes who you ask them to explain it.
#3) airports airports in Japan are far superior and professional in every way. Im not saying that U.S. Airports are bad (some are), it’s just Japan is leagues ahead.
#4) exercise- I am not a fitness nut. That just come from the fact that I don’t get a single drop of endorphins from it. Coupled with the fact that pleasure and pain are very different things for me makes working out feel like being scourged. In Japan, my job required a lot of energy and daily living had me up and around. Back in the U.S. My physical activity has dropped drastically… That’s going to create issues. Looks like I’ll have to start scourging.
The whole idea of a blog happened almost a year ago. The idea was to make a more authentic kind of journal. Just everyday life of an expat living long term in Japan. Not the average “stranger in a strange land” type blog, or a blog giving advice, it was just something to do with no intention of getting a readership or making a single cent in advertising. It t was my original plan to live out my years in Japan, but life happened.  
I have been back stateside for a while now, and it’s just time to pull the plug on this little diversion… So…. Yank


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